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ashton. 19. life divided between alabama & mississippi & the rest of the world. doing my best to live life as Christ has called me. Breakfast food & coffee & photography & cats & adventures & cardigans make my heart happy. i have big hair & even bigger dreams.


Hello friends

I just want you all to know that you’re lovely and I think you’re swell.

Okay bye

thanks poop face. you’re swaggy.

i have a hardcore love-hate relationship with the Spanish language.


I forgot all of my make up back at home in Louisiana but I’m not about to go spend a poop ton of money on new make up, so MC gets to experience the no make up Hannah for the rest of the semester.

i met her today & she was beautiful.


Saar Manche


For those of you who ask what I believe in. This is it.

grace alone from a king who would bow to wash our feet.

so much incredibleness in this video.