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ashton. 19. life divided between alabama & mississippi & the rest of the world. doing my best to live life as Christ has called me. Breakfast food & coffee & photography & cats & adventures & cardigans make my heart happy. i have big hair & even bigger dreams.

antigua, you’re perfect & i love you. thanks for your adventures & flowers. (at El Mochilero Hostal Gt)
coffee & da word goes global  (at meeting Jesus on the steps)
thankful that my Creator wrote my story to intersect with the lives of these sweet boys. Jesus is cool.  (at puerto barrios basural)

Lace and Likes for madewell
"wherever you are, be all there." -jim elliot // nine days left. probably hundreds of tortillas & beans to eat. making the most of it.  (at surprise hike evangelism )
doin things, goin places.
guatemalan travels.
chillin out, maxin, relaxin all cool✌️ (at mondays don’t have to suck)